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"There is no substitute for experience -combined with passion and focus it becomes priceless."

Stephen Davids




Stephen Davids

This website features only my writing and related activities.

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As of September 2018, I am teaching in the Department of English at Lakehead University.  I am developing and delivering a course called:




I have been investing time and effort to help bring literary events to the Orillia area,  also known as Lake Country.  Examples include the annual Leacock Medal Gala event, the Giiwenh First Nations Literary Event, and acting as a 2017 poetry contest judge for the Leacock Museum and National Historic Site.


In 2015 I completed my MA thesis.  It is a poetic treatment on the subject of gender and follows two young trans-women on their journey to self-actualization.  It was well-received by the Academy, and has been published at:

Theses Canada, Library and Archives Canada.


All writers are readers first, and as part of my Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey, I was exposed to writers and genres I would never normally have read for pleasure.  From ancient to modern, they are each an influence on my new work, and I greatly enjoyed being 'stretched' creatively.

One book I recommend to other aspiring writers is Stephen King's (2000) excellent treatise 'On Writing.'  If the link doesn't work, get it from Amazon, your bookstore or library.  For insights into my current reading, see my Twitter Feed.


I have read my work at open mic events in Guildford, Surrey (pictured above left).   The events were produced by Janice Windle & Dónall Dempsey of The 1000 Monkeys.  They maintain a website that includes photos and video of some of the performances, including mine. 


I connect to Publishers, Editors, Literary Agents, Illustrators and other Writers/Authors through LinkedIn and especially Twitter.

This website can be fairly static, so please follow me @swdavids, as it is the most active feed of my ongoing news and activity.

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